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Do not come to me, I live near a field headquarters

For local residents, the presence of campaign seats for presidential candidates on their streets is not always easy to live. Only traders rejoice.

The World | 21.04.2017 at 14h27

T reop his keys. Dress up her son. Put on his coat. Unfold the stroller. And for two months, before each release, connect to BFMTV to measure the crowd that he will have to face downstairs. Eric, in his thirties, is weary. He lives fifty meters from François Fillon’s campaign headquarters. In normal times, it is already difficult to cross on the only sidewalk of the street Firmin-Gillot, quiet way close to the door of Versailles (15th arrondissement).

So imagine a day of release of the Canard enchained … Not to mention the threats of attack that led to a reinforcement of the security measures. “When there are too many people, I go up the street in the opposite direction,” Eric whispers. Otherwise, with the stroller, I would be obliged to go down the road in the middle of traffic. And then, I do not want to go on TV morning, noon and evening. In other words, on Sunday, April 23, the day of the first round of the presidential election, Eric will not venture into “his” street.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in keeping with the neighborhood

During the campaign, the façades of anonymous buildings became the background of a small theater commented by duplex journalists. An intrusion in their intimacy variously experienced by the residents. Cohabitation works best when the candidate is in line with the sociology of the neighborhood. The thundering rue de Dunkerque (10th arrondissement), near the Gare du Nord, could only agree with the bateleur Jean-Luc Mélenchon. At number 36, the reprographic workshop is pleased with the few work urgently commissioned by the candidate’s team.

At 36 bis, the shopkeeper of the Nicolas shop hopes to sell a few bottles of wine for a festive evening. At the rate of progress of the candidate in the polls, who knows, maybe April 23rd. The bar, at 47, welcomes activists for the evening of debates TV. “They’re super cool kids. They remain very concentrated. They are not there to fill their mouths, “says the boss of Paris Just. The only nuisance comes down to a banal sticker war between the stable Mélenchon and the market gardener of the 43. Although the latter snatch the sticker symbol of France insoumise the front of his trade, another will replace him the next day.

Rue du Château-d’eau, also in the 10th, Benoît Hamon unpacked his boxes in indifference. “Here we live every day in noise. It’s a lively neighborhood. The only difference is that the delivery trucks are no longer the only ones to park in double queues. There are now big sedans, “says Olivier, installed at the counter of the Réveil du 10e. Between two orders, one of the waiters of the bar loosens: “It seems that there are now MPs who come to us but, frankly, I do not know who they are. Beside, at the Occitan Pendulum, indifference has given way to annoyance. On March 18, the Socialist candidate’s team booked the venue for a festive evening. Some thirty people eat (a little) and drink (a lot), according to the boss. Amount of addition: 1,000 euros. Benoît Hamon will take ten days to settle the slate.

“I’ve seen them all, except Emmanuel Macron. I regret. I will tell his team. A drink in a bar-tabac is part of French culture. The boss of the bar Le Brazza

The arrival of a political team inflates the list of complaints of individuals but also … the purse of traders. Near the headquarters of Emmanuel Macron, rue de l’Abbé-Groult, in the 15th arrondissement, the boss of the bar Le Brazza rubs his hands. All smiles, PSG shirt on his back, he opens his wallet. He has put away his Enrollment card! Since November, the stars of the political movement come to lean to the zinc. “You just missed Laurence Haim,” he smiled. I’ve seen them all, except Emmanuel Macron. I regret. I will tell his team. To drink in a bar-tobacco, it’s part of French culture. ”

A bar became an eminently political place: The Parisian crossed in the back room Christian Estrosi. And M, the deputy LR Hervé Gaymard, loyal support of Alain Juppé. Or rather his perfect look-alike, we swear the interested, who “does not even know where this HQ is.” It is at number 99, where a sign indicates only: “Vigipirate. “Well before the arrest of two suspected terrorists targeted to target a candidate, the Prefecture had imposed security measures,” says Sibeth NDiaye, press officer for En marche !. “Since the beginning of the campaign, we have been targeted by